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A notary in Polish legal system is a person of public trust appointed by Ministry of Justice and constituted to perform notarial actions in adherence to law.

Our experienced notaries provide consultations, guidance, prepare all types of acts and perform all notarial actions to secure best interests of our clients.

As per Polish legal system there are two types of acts that are performed by a notary:

  • when a notarial action is required by law, for example:
    • transfer of ownership to a real property,
    • agreements of commercial companies,
    • marital property agreement,
    • property separation,
    • division of inheritance,
    • establishment of enforcement title pursuant to article 777 of the code of civil procedure (voluntary submission to enforcement),
    • transactions related to cooperative ownership rights to living premises or perpetual usufruct (lease),
    • sale of shares of a limited liability company when notary confirms identity of the people who set their signatures
  • when parties are willing to execute a deed in the form of a notarial act — to make it legally binding.

Please note! Although we provide consultations in English, by law every act before a notary must be performed in Polish. If a party to a transaction does not have a good command of the Polish language a sworn translator of a given language must be arranged and present in the notary office.





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